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Welcome to the Touma Ear, Nose & Throat Museum!

Ear, nose and throat medicine has come a long way over the past two hundred-plus years. And perhaps nowhere in the world can you see that more vividly than in our two-thousand square foot ENT museum in Huntington, West Virginia. Here, you'll find more than two-thousand examples of early otoscopes, ear trumpets, surgical instruments, ENT textbooks, and innovative ways to utilize lighting and magnifcation. And you can even visit an actual ENT office from the year 1910. 

ENT physician, Joseph B. Touma, MD, collected these historical artifacts over a period of more than 40 years, as a way to honor generations of "giants" in the development of ear, nose and throat medicine.  It is his hope that you will visit the pages of this website, view the videos that reside on those pages, and gain a deeper appreciation of the enormous contributions these brilliant pioneers made to usher ENT care into today's modern era. 

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